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PyConPL 2017

Two of my personal goals for this year were:

1.- To speak at a local meetup here in Dubai

2.- To speak at a bigger conference, anywhere

Thanks to my wife, who is always supporting me much more than I support her, I could do both, first one was at …

PyCon: Challenge Accepted

Everyone who has known me long enough, knows that I'm a huge fan of Python programming language, for several reasons, ease of use, ease of learning, the huge amount of libraries, frameworks and packages in general available in PyPI, it's not perfect but it has become my tool of choice …

Mi experiencia en el PyConVE 2012 y otros cuentos

Bueno, ya ha pasado una semana y alguito desde que terminó la primera Conferencia del Lenguaje Python de Venezuela (PyConVE), he tenido algo de tiempo para reflexionar y pensar acerca de varias cosas que me ocurrieron antes del evento, es decir, mientras se estaba organizando, durante el evento y después …