Bye bye dubizzle, hello Careem!

Bye bye dubizzle, hello Careem!

I've been quiet for the last two months, I was a bit busy switching jobs, yes, after more than three years I decided to leave dubizzle, part of the OLX group and one of the biggest brands here in the United Arab Emirates, for reasons I won't discuss in this post and some reasons I'll expose here.

My good friend Gerardo Barcia used to quote a lot a phrase which author I don't know:

Change is the only constant in our lives

I liked that, I like to think that one needs to come out of your comfort zone from time to time as the only way to evolve as a professional and as a human being, when change comes to you constantly, you're done, when you can seek change easily it's also good, you learn, you innovate, you become better you put that brain to work.

That was one the thing I loved about working at dubizzle, it was dynamic, I got to work on interesting projects, I got to challenge myself and it was GREAT!!.

I don't know what happened or when, but things became just good and then meh, everything slowed down and I didn't feel challenged anymore, in fact, I felt like I was solving the same problem over and over and over again, I simply stopped having fun, the projects I was working on didn't motivate me and I wasn't feeling I was having a positive impact anymore, so, change didn't come to me, so I started looking for change, trying to be moved to a different department or a different role and finding a lot of resistance.

When you stop enjoying something, you should stop doing it and that was exactly what happened, I stopped enjoying my job at dubizzle, for several reasons but I believe this one was the most important one, so I decided to move on. Here in the UAE, there are several big players in the tech scene: dubizzle is one of them but not the only one, there's also Souq, Namshi which are e-commerce websites, Fetchr which is a delivery company and Careem which is a ride-hailing company.

I interviewed with several but I wanted to do something different, I was into classifieds for too long and e-commerce I don't think is that different, so, when the decision came down to Fetchr or Careem, I started digging deeper into both companies and there was one talk by one of Careem co-founders, Magnus Olsson, that made me think, well Fetchr looks like a great company, also Careem, but Careem has this guy with this amazing story and the will to do something meaningful and you can see that even in the name of the company, Careem means generosity in Arabic language. So, here I am, being Careem at Careem and helping improve the people's lives and build an organization that inspires one line at a time.