New Grads Survival Guide

OK, OK... I'm sorry, I lied on the title, but please, don't stop reading. I know... I know, we started bad our relationship already but, I can explain it, I swear.

Yes, it says "survival guide", but it's not like that, I'm not going to tell you a recipe to get the job you want, in the company you like and the country you dream, that's impossible, as programmer we all know there is no silver bullet, and it applies not only on software, also in day by day life problems.

What I'm going to share with you, is what worked and still working for me, let me give you some context. I'm a 29 years old Computer Engineer from Venezuela, yes, I know... we're famous for good baseball players, beautiful women and, most recently and sadly, thanks to this guy.

Hugo Chávez, worst Venezuelan

And this other guy...

Nicolás Maduro... even worse that

My country is, obviously, a 3rd world country, we're facing huge and very serious economic and political issues and it's quickly getting worse thanks to those guys, my family is not rich so I couldn't travel or go to another country to study until things get better and, by now, I'm living in Dubai, paying my rent and brought my wife abroad so we have some hope of having the quality of life we dreamed together, how I did it?, my job is my flight ticket and my passport.

I managed to get out of Caracas, one of the most violent and dangerous cities in the world, and come to Dubai 2 years ago. Obviously this wasn't with money from my own pocket, a local company hired me and covered my relocation expenses. I'm going to share with you some things I did and still doing, this is not guaranteed to give you the job you want, but certainly will help you increase your chances.

And finally, the one I consider the most important.

So... yeah!, not a recipe, but some tips I hope will help you on your first years as a professional.