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Working with databases easier

Working with databases easier

This will be a short article, recently at work I had to build few reports on top of two legacy databases, to be honest, the whole architecture and the way the data is stored, in my opinion, is not optimal, a lot of things need to change but, as usual …

Django registration in no time!

Django registration in no time!

What does 99% of the projects we work on have in common?, what's usually the first or the last thing we start working on when building something, a personal project perhaps?. If you said dealing with users, that's right. On each and every project we find ourselves writing different registration …

Making django scale Pt.2

Making django scale Pt.2

It's been a while since the first post about scaling web applications using django, last time we spoke about some basic concepts about scalability, buzz words we hear everyday and we also use but always struggle when we need to give a formal definition to someone.

Once we have clear …

Making django scale Pt.1

Making django scale Pt.1

I gave a talk on PyConPL this year about scaling django, obviously on a 35min talk you don't have enough time to outline all the strategies and go deeper, so I thought it might be a cool idea to write a series of blog posts about this topic, not only …

Classy Tasks with Celery

This will be a short article, I just want to share something I learned this week.

If you work with Python and chances are you've ran into celery at least once, hopefully more than once, depending on how complex the projects you've worked on are.

If you don't know it …

The evilness of None!

Recently at work, i was solving one bug on one of our services, it was popping up in newrelic at least 9 times a week, this is one of the services we use in the monetization process at the office, so, it's a critical one, the least errors we see …

Django: vistas basadas en clases

Tenía pendiente escribir sobre esto desde hace tiempo, pero entre una cosa y otra siempre terminaba escribiendo sobre otra cosa y las vistas basadas en clases quedaban olvidadas.

Las vistas basadas en clases nos permiten simplificar muchísimo el código, reduciendo, para muchos casos, la escritura de vistas a simplemente heredar …

Cosas que he aprendido: Descriptores

Bueno, llevo ya unos años dedicado casi 100% a desarrollo web con Python, unos años en los que he aprendido muchas cosas sobre el lenguaje y, por un momento, pensé que sabía suficiente, pero cuando uno empieza a pensar eso es peligroso, al final, nunca se sabe suficiente y siempre …

Heroku + Django sin morir en el intento (Parte 2)

En el artículo anterior, hablamos de IaaS y de PaaS y de cómo se diferencian concluimos que Heroku es PaaS, además, expusimos algunas de las limitaciones que nos impone la plataforma para desplegar nuestras aplicaciones y cómo trabajar alrededor de ellas para hacer funcionar todo.

Muchas veces, quizás por inocentes …

Heroku + Django sin morir en el intento (Parte 1)

Antes, para tener tu sistema web en línea, debías contratar un servicio de Servidor Dedicado o mínimo un VPS y administrarlo, si tenías más presupuesto, comprabas un servidor y lo acondicionabas o alquilabas un rack en algún centro de datos para tenerlo colocado allí.

Ahora, con el boom de Infraestructura …

Hi! I'm Israel

I'm an experienced software engineer and tech lead. I've designed system architectures and also managed implementations at dubizzle (OLX) and at my own startup previously. I'm currently a Senior Software Engineer at Careem (Uber), one of the top tech companies in the Middle East.