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Here's my now page. It's a place I publicly share and prioritize what I am working on. Thanks to Derek Sivers for this idea!

I've been away from my personal projects all 2023 and most of Q1/2024, so I'm making a slow start

Last update: June, 2024

  • Working with a world class team for world class clients at BCGX!
  • Grow my subscribers
  • Finish formatting what's written on by book and decide what to do with the practical examples
  • Organize and optimize my music learning and practice
  • Find people to play with
  • Launch a side project

Achievements in Q2/2024

  • I had a "writers block" and spent a bit over a month without writing or publishing anything, it turned out I was burnt out from my latest project and all the stress was coming out. I'm back into my normal rhythm but I guess I'll be less strict in the number of posts and I'll focus more on writing better ones.
  • In terms of growth, I can see visits are increasing but subscriptions are stuck, I need to figure out why and what additional value I can offer to drive this up
  • Didn't do much on my book this quarter and it's a shame, I have to catch up on this
  • On my music life, it looks like I won't be able to reenroll on classes with Pablo again, I caught up on the lessons though and I'm practicing more on the spare time I have, my goal for the next quarter will change to "organize my music learning" and also find people to play with.

Achievements in Q1/2024

  • I've been consistently posting on the blog and keeping a backlog of drafts I'm working on while scheduling the finished articles to keep a consistent pace, I think there was only one week when I failed to post twice.
  • I'm still working at BCGX, it's been two projects since the last update, I need to write about all that
  • Finished a couple of chapters about API design, I'm thinking of adding a small API project to complement the theory.
  • I enrolled again on guitar lessons with my all-time teacher Pablo Mendoza but had to quit for a while because of lack of time to put in the needed effort.